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This wiki is managed by the National LGBT/HIV Criminal Justice Working Group. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBTQ+) people and people living with HIV (PLHIV) are disproportionately represented in, and experience stigma and discrimination throughout, the criminal legal system, from policing, through adjudication and incarceration, to reentry. The high proportion of LGBT people and PLHIV – particularly people of color and low income people - in criminal and juvenile legal systems is a byproduct of legacies of race, gender, and sexuality-based criminalization, and continuing discrimination in employment, education, social services, health care, and responses to violence.

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This wiki is designed to be a space for sharing resources, tools, and information to strengthen local and national efforts to end the harms experienced by LGBTQ people and PLWH within the US criminal legal system. The National LGBT/HIV Criminal Justice Working Group is a network of nearly 50 organizations and individual stakeholders working to reduce the unique harms of the U.S. criminal legal system experienced by LGBTQ+ people, PLHIV or those at risk of acquiring HIV, through research, education, and policy advocacy at the federal level. Part of our efforts to ensure policy change is to equip others with the tools to be successful. This wiki is part of that effort.

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The National LGBT HIV Criminal Justice Working Group

The National LGBT HIV Criminal Justice Working Group

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